Change the colour of your car $258 with a liquid vinyl wrap

  • 05/07/2022 12:07 pm
  • Sydney
$127total price(Fixed)


  • Category : Paint
  • Measurement Unit Cost : Per Gallon
  • Provider : Professional
  • Business Name : Car Wrap XYZ


Liquid Vinyl Wrap – Spray Wrap – Car Wraps

Change the colour of your car with a liquid spray vinyl wrap peelable paint. Wrap your car for $258
Are you thinking to give your car a new look and want to wrap it? Maybe you are thinking to vinyl wrap it but you realize it’s quite expensive or too hard to do?

No problem. We have the perfect solution for you. Now you can easily liquid spray wrap your car by yourself within the same day with no effort at all.

Our liquid spray wrap is made to protect your original paintjob so no preparation, sanding is needed if the paint is in excellent conditions.

You only need to wash the car, mask it and apply our liquid wrap in several layers to build thickness and strenght and application is done with an electric spray gun giving you a fantastic and professional result even if is the very first time you do this.

Our customers get it right the first time with no effort at all and if every single one can, so you will.

Start Your Own Business and make $1000 per car or more.

If you are handy and thinking to add on a part-time business, then we are the right suppliers for you. You can start your car wrapping business in no time and once you feel ready, we are more than happy to send you customers to you.


Quality proven since 2009
Loved by worldwide customers


  • Easy to spray
  • Ready to spray. Load spray-gun and spray. Nothing to add.
  • Easy to peel
  • Perfect for first time users
  • Professional finish
  • UV protected
  • DIY friendly
  • Last up to 4 years
  • Huge variety of colours
  • Matte finish
  • Satin finish
  • Gloss finish (can apply any clear 2k gloss on top)
  • We ship Australia wide to your door within 5 days
  • Discounts available (save heaps) for trades and spray painters
  • Discount available if you want to start a business